Edge of Empire

Session 1

Part 1:
The party began in the middle of a job. They had been contracted by Jado Berik who had recently discovered that a shipment of his Glitterstim had shown up on the planet that didn’t come through him. To locate the leak in his supply he sent the PCs to Morri Settlement, a small settlement that he tracked the supply from. Tasked with retrieving a recent shipping manifest, the PCs arrived at Mori. After playing some sabacc and talking with a local Barkeep at the cantina, the PCs get an in at the shipping offices.

Able to convince the local administrator that they are indeed looking for work, they line up a simple escort job for the following morning and are given rooms at the cantina to spend the night. After attempting to get the local security force drunk, while telling old adventuring stories and accidentally mention that they have done work for Jado. Almost immediately two NPCs attempt to slip out of the cantina and several people seem more on edge.

That night the PCs attempt to break into the offices, getting past the door and breaking into the security room. From there they are able to begin downloading the file, however a firefight breaks out with security. They are able to take out the security within the building, get the file, some glitterstim, credits, and swoop keys and get out of Mori Settlement alive.

Upon returning the Jado he gives them credits for the glitterstim they return, as well as a general salary.

+ 15 XP

Part 2:
The files incriminate Maro Izen has the smuggler who betrayed Jado. Jado is able to track his ship to Nar Shaddaa (which the players had already heard mentioned at Mori Settlment). Jado gives them all passage to Nar Shaddaa, as well as a datapad that will assist them in gaining access to Maro’s ship, which Jado now graciously says they can have, assuming they work it off.

After asking around after arriving at Nar Shaddaa, the PCs learn Maro has a large Imperial bounty on him. They are approached by a business man who claims to have involvement with several of the Hutts on the planet, and has seen Maro recently, and offers to take them to him in exchange for a share of the reward.

This takes them to Sulla Zaxos‘s pleasure barge, a large ship that is essentially a city onto itself. After arriving there the players play some high stakes sabacc, and then make their way to the docks and locate Maro’s ship (after forging a docking slip). The ship has clearly not been used in weeks, but leads them to the local arena.

There the place a few wagers on some gladiatorial combatants, and start trying to get access to the VIP area. However, before they get a chance they notice several imperial officers enter the VIP area. They work up one of the security guards, and are able to get past him into the VIP area. By the time they get there Maro is in the middle of a firefight with the imperial officers. The PCs are able to collapse the floor below Maro and drop him into the gladiatorial pit, and out of reach from the Imperials.

Running out of the VIP area with the imperials, one of the PCs is able to get ahead of the Imperials, while another starts working up the crowd about the imperial presence. They are able to take control of the door access to trap Maro in a room, and incapacitate him.

After a firefight to get aboard their ship, and escaping a few ships that chase them out of the planet, they are able to jump to hyperspace, with their new ship and Maro in the cabin.

+ 20 XP


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